Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Krush rebuild has started!!

I have finally begun the rebuild on my first and favorite theme Krush. The icons should look way better on newer phones that have hi-res displays. Also I have new icons and a ton of new and updated activity names I need to add. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Still around!!

Hey people! I'm still around developing icons and what not. Summer is a bad time for me to get anything done android related because of my time restraints. But I will do my best to keep updating the themes I have. I may even unpublish a few of the less popular themes, so I can concentrate on the more popular ones. Plus I finally bought a new nexus phone. I am no longer on a device that has no root and a locked boot-loader. Simple put, YESSSSS!! I will now have access to all the latest versions of android to test on. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Finally finished the So Burnt update. Summer is bad time for me. I get just about no time to do anything but work. so free time is hard to come by. But I grinded it out and got it done. The app now uses a material design template. Has a ton of new icons and updated activity names. 2 new wallpapers and supports more launchers then before. I also rebuilt all the icons from scratch at 144x144 for higher res displays. anyways should be live soon!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Working on Icon update for So Burnt.

Yo. I'm finally getting cracking on the update for my So Burnt theme. I'm adding a ton of new icons, plus remaking all of the icons a bigger size for HD devices. Like I said before I have very limited time to work on updating my themes. Summer is especially bad. Don't worry. I will get to all of my themes eventually. I haven't forgot about you guys. Believe me I use my themes also, actually there all I use haha so I want them updated as everyone else. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Greys update is finally done!!!

Whats up people. I finally finish the update for my theme The Greys. I have rebuilt all of the icons in 144x144 for HD. The icons look really awesome on a newer device, but still look good on a lower end ones. I added 244 new custom icons also and updated a ton of activity names from icons requests. You can get this theme now on google play for $.99 or get the community version on this site. Both are identical. I have 4 more themes I need to rebuild the icons for. It might take me a very long time to complete this cause of work and life. I will continue to add to my themes. It just might take a bit longer then I would like.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Still grinding away at these icon updates!

Yo!! I'm still grinding away at these icon updates. I'm working on Vaporize right now. I decided to update all of my themes to HD status. So that involves remaking every icon for all of my themes from scratch. It took me a year to make all the themes, so its going to be a while till I get them all updated. Whats crazy with icon packs is that your never done adding icons because there will always be new apps and things changing. I think once this batch of updates are done i'm gong to drop a new design. But till then hold tight, updates are coming soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A little over halfway.

I'm grinding away at remaking all of my icons in HD. Its taking tons of time because of my limited time I get to work on things. I have all the new icons added to True BLue in the normal size, and I'm about halfway on saving and making the HD icons. Like I said once I have all the middles made it will be easy to add the new icons to my other themes. I will no longer have to edit and save the icons 1 by 1. It will save me hours and days worth of work. So far when I add say 100 new icons, I was making those 100 icons for each theme and saving them 1 by 1. That means if I have 6 themes to update, I have to save and make 600 icons 1 by 1, editing and saving. Once I get the icon middles all done, all I will have to do is make the iconback image, make an action in PS, then use that action in a script. It will resize, center, apply the layer styles, then save the icons. All automated. I just have to hit the go buttom. So bare with me.