Saturday, May 23, 2015

Working on Icon update for So Burnt.

Yo. I'm finally getting cracking on the update for my So Burnt theme. I'm adding a ton of new icons, plus remaking all of the icons a bigger size for HD devices. Like I said before I have very limited time to work on updating my themes. Summer is especially bad. Don't worry. I will get to all of my themes eventually. I haven't forgot about you guys. Believe me I use my themes also, actually there all I use haha so I want them updated as everyone else. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Greys update is finally done!!!

Whats up people. I finally finish the update for my theme The Greys. I have rebuilt all of the icons in 144x144 for HD. The icons look really awesome on a newer device, but still look good on a lower end ones. I added 244 new custom icons also and updated a ton of activity names from icons requests. You can get this theme now on google play for $.99 or get the community version on this site. Both are identical. I have 4 more themes I need to rebuild the icons for. It might take me a very long time to complete this cause of work and life. I will continue to add to my themes. It just might take a bit longer then I would like.