Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A little over halfway.

I'm grinding away at remaking all of my icons in HD. Its taking tons of time because of my limited time I get to work on things. I have all the new icons added to True BLue in the normal size, and I'm about halfway on saving and making the HD icons. Like I said once I have all the middles made it will be easy to add the new icons to my other themes. I will no longer have to edit and save the icons 1 by 1. It will save me hours and days worth of work. So far when I add say 100 new icons, I was making those 100 icons for each theme and saving them 1 by 1. That means if I have 6 themes to update, I have to save and make 600 icons 1 by 1, editing and saving. Once I get the icon middles all done, all I will have to do is make the iconback image, make an action in PS, then use that action in a script. It will resize, center, apply the layer styles, then save the icons. All automated. I just have to hit the go buttom. So bare with me.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Working on HD Icon updates

Yo people. I finally have some time to work on updating my themes. With all the new high end super high res displays coming out, its time for me to remake all of my icons in HD. This is going to take me weeks upon weeks to complete, since I have to rebuild all of the icons from scratch in a bigger size. I should of done this from the start, but too late now. I am also making myself templates of all of the icon middles so I will be able to hopefully automate the update process and cut days off of my time. I am working on True Blue right now, plus saving the new middles at the same time. Its a slow process but I will get it done, just bare with me. I'm also adding 200 new icons to all of my themes from icon requests I have recieved. Stay tuned!!!