Stryker Originals goal is to put out amazing, fresh and clean themes for Android that leave you thirsting for more. I have been drawing or been involved with some kind of art as long as I can remember. I have always had an interest in computers and technology. I found out that I could use my computer to make art work and designs. Paintshop Pro was the first photo editing software I used. I had no prior experience with photo editing software and had no clue how to use it. I researched and read tutorial after tutorial online and taught myself how to use the software. At this point I had the artistic creativity, and now I had the tools to create art work the I could truly be proud of. The next piece of software I used was Photo Impact. This was still photo editing software, but worked a bit different then Paint Shop Pro. I had to relearn the tools and how to use them once again. I used this program for a few months. The next step was using Adobe Photoshop. I have also used Gimp, but always find myself going back to Photoshop. Every Time I changed editing software my art style and designs changed too. I guess it's progression. As you acquire more skills, you grow. I am still using Adobe Photoshop today, and still making digital art. It just progressed into icon design.

Here are a few of my first digital art avatars.

These are just a few. I have hundreds that I made for people. That is how I got started with the digital art thing. I started with Paint Shop Pro, then moved to Photo Impact 5, then to Adobe Photoshop and Gimp.
I continued making graphics as a hobby for years, but got bored with it and took a hiatus.

How I got into making themes for Android
 Smart phones hit the scene like a freight train! The future was here in the form of  rectangular devices with a touch screen, the smart phone. I had many dumb phones in my life, and held off getting a smart phone for a year or 2 after the iphone and OG Droid were out. My 2 year was up and I decided to get one of these smart phones. My first smart phone was a Droid X. Now that thing was awesome. Durable, good build quality and materials, bigger screen then the iphone. A match made in heaven. I was cool with how everything looked at first. But I was like, these icons suck!! I wonder if I can make my own? How would I go about getting them on the device? That is when I came out of retirement and started going hard on photoshop and making icons and themes. It was pretty easy. I all ready had the photoshop and design kwoledge. I just needed to learn how Android worked.


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